Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Day at the Park

Today the kids and I went to the park for a little bit. They absolutely LOVE being outside in this beautiful weather. Camden had more fun playing in the bark chips than he did swinging on the swings or sliding on the slide.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hanging out with the Stephenson Clan

(My siblings- from right to left Rob-23, Blake-21, Jenny-17)

Easter Egg Hunt

Coloring Easter Eggs

Jenny's Prom

The Wilcox fam went to my parent's house for Easter Sunday weekend. We were so lucky that as soon as we got there, my 17 year old sister, Jenny was just leaving for the prom, so we got to see her off! She looked gorgeous!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On a business note.....

So, I've decided I seriously need to figure out how to deal with stress when it comes to my business. I take things extremely personal, over-analyze, over criticize EVERYTHING and it's seriously driving me nuts.

For example- through my back end of my website there is a way to see who has found my site through other people's site's. (So, if you post my site on your site, your site name will show up on my backend that someone clicked on it through you.) So, I always enjoy going through these- many time blogspots-, looking through pictures of people's daughters wearing our products. Well, I went to one tonight and instead of the happy pictures I saw, I found her talking about how she wants to start making bows and posted a utube video on how to make them. She also posted links to our site showing how she "wants to make them look just like this:" Seriously??? SERIOUSLY???

Or if I go to church and I don't see at least one person wearing one of our bows, headbands or flowers I get all bent out of shape.

Why am I like that? I'm really considering calling Dr. Laura asking her how to deal when my blood starts to boil, my face turns red and steam comes out of my ears. Because it eats at me! And I want to just forget about it, and say, "Well, that's just part of owning a business". Why can't I do that???

On a happy note, we just added these car seat canopy's that I LOVE. They're online and at the kiosks right now. We don't make them (thank goodness!!!) but a local Utah company does.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Camden is Walking!

Camden has been walking like crazy the past week. While crawling is still his main mode of transportation, learning to walk has obviously become top of his priority list.

Kate & Boston Play Date

Boston is one of Kate's best friends. She is a year older than Kate, but they have so much fun together. It's so cute to watch their little imaginations grow. Her mom, Lindsi, and I trade off every other week hosting the play dates so the girls can have fun together and we each get a week to get things done that are normally more difficult with one extra kid.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Workin' Out

Camden's First Birthday Party!

LOL I just love this picture....Torry's parents gave Kate these glasses for Camden's birthday so she wouldn't feel left out. This picture is completely priceless.

Funny Hair

Camden has bed head! While I was taking pictures of his cute hair, I slipped a few in of Kate- before she has bangs. We cut bangs yesterday! I'll have to add some pictures when I get some.

Wilcox & Co.

What? Start my own blog? As if I have nothing better to do! After the internal tug-of-war over this issue I have lost the battle to the blog. So here you can find the latest with my family! I have a feeling this might be addicting!