Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funny little guy.....

So yesterday, I was doing dishes and Camden got a bag of trail mix and wanted me to open the bag. It was almost lunch time, so I said "No, put it back". I watched him turn around, and what I thought go put the trail mix back into the pantry. Instead I went to go find him a few minutes later, and he had dumped out the entire bag on the ottoman! Little stinker... so I put everything back in the bag and put it in the pantry.
So this morning I was upstairs getting ready for the day when Camden sneaked downstairs when I wasn't watching. When I went to go look for him, I found him again with the bag of trail mix dumped on the ottoman. Except for this time he had picked out all of the M&M's and was happily sitting on the first stair with his little pile, munching on his M&M's at 8:30 am.

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  1. Kelly! I just found your blog on Aly's blog I didn't know you had one and your kids are just SOOO adorable!! How fun!! Hope you are doing great miss you xoxox